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One of the fantasies of my wife are doing stories about how much pull. I like gonzoxxxmovies the dirtiest stories, anything goes. Anyway, I decided to do the real story and the surprise after the fact so I applied for a contact SH bi curious, so I could try for the first time a man o man's action I was not 't sure if that would work, but was attacked in the amount of interest earned I. It seems that many men out there to experience, not just gay - bit only want to do some sexual pleasure. Anyway, I organized a meeting with a nice man, my age (56) and we had drinks at a bar to discuss mutual love. I told him I was not sure what the limits set by what is dictated to me what you want to allow. He said that ' s good for him because he is a kind of submission and the idea was inspired by him appointed. So we took separate cars to his isolated bungalow, and when I arrived he was already there, knocked on his door for me. I was excited and at the same timee. As a kid in a candystore not know where to start. He gonzoxxxmovies suggested that playing a porn movie, so I inserted the DVD and sat on chairs in front and saw an amateur video showed my surprise, the implementation. He said he never liked cross-dressing, but it was clear to see. There was back in stockings and garters, legs, clean-shaven and with a mature womam squatting on his cock it up and down and stroked the ball bag soft and silky. Wow, would not 't know what to say, but what I knew was that I was safe and everything we did would be between us and I was able to relax completely and me. ' Are you surprised, 'he said. What should gonzoxxxmovies I say, nothing more than' that ' s amazing. ' 'I 'he said, smiling. ' It' s nice icebreaker don 't you '. 'Well, what I do is plenty of choice '. ' Would you like to dress for me? 'Of course, ' he replied. 'I 'd love. It makes me so happy and I think you'll like it. ' He left theRoom and allowed me to see how it responds to the film's execution. The fact that I only allowed me to overcome my fear and rub me between my legs. I began to knead and rub my cock gonzoxxxmovies while my other hand began to squeeze the ball tight. Soon he was again, and it was for a fantastic view. In essence and gonzoxxxmovies purpose of it was a woman standing in front of me. Stockings, boots and the Basque Country, upright, but with a fierce cut cock between her thighs. 'OK'. What do you want from me? 'No you did for me while I rub ' he said nervously. 'Of course. I love. ' So lay back in front of me leaned back legs, bent over his cock and began a two-handed straw before me. ' Nice ? ' he said. I am not able to contain and pulled my pants to the ankles, gonzoxxxmovies sat down and opened my legs began to masturbate for him. I rolled my balls now hang with the thumb and index finger of my left hand and pulled my ballsestablish the penile skin firmer and more strain on my hard drive. He said he liked me and also the change gonzoxxxmovies of position on all fours with her ass in front of me soft. I was able to pull your hand between your legs to see himself - is now hard, now soft and gonzoxxxmovies tender glands tip rubs his fingertips gonzoxxxmovies as he watched the movie shit, wrapped in his own pleasure sexual. 'I gonzoxxxmovies can feel your cock ' she said. ' I ' I never touched another mans cock and I want you so' ' I was hoping you ' d do' a distant voice whispered, 'Do what you want from me anything -. All - the naughtiest best go with ' was tentatively reached between his legs, took his hand, leaving the tail.. hang your ready for me. I slid my hand between your cheek and stroked my middle finger on the root hisanus form of its tail on grabbed his balls and his hot rod build. I was great. I just wanted to explore myHis fingers kneaded, pumps, tickling, while all the sensual things I ' d make me many times. ' I ' m ready to move on ' I murmered ' OK said :' What do you want, because I can ' t have much more time and I know you want the thrill of seeing me. ' 'Let' s just rub our cocks together first 'I told ( where they were hidden deep ideas come from? gonzoxxxmovies ) Then he got up and we were together, and they added the tail between the legs of others. Strangely, we didn 't touch on other forms of stretching for the cock between her legs. he runs back and forth rubbing. I appreciate their stockinged legs pushed back and forth, feeling the cock to play in the gonzoxxxmovies scrotum. I looked at the TV, which has just begun, milk in a woman shoot ' list of the mouth ( which is that it not ' t worry at this time) I knew I was ready to cum. How the value I say ' we'll never know who you are, but I did. ' I want to cum in your mouth, you and I don 't want you to be an anti- spillto decrease. I let it fill your mouth and let your gonzoxxxmovies cock slide a Tougue extended, while pumping his juices inside you. ' Yes, yes, now, ' he said. And he sat down again, this time with my hard throbbing cock just touched his lips. 'Can I masturbate while I sperm,' he asked. 'Yes, but after her tail up, so I see and feel the joy cuming ' We were ready. H wide parted lips and stuck out her tongue and began to masturbate himself for the final climax. I slowly slide my tool in her mouth. I Do not 't Stop slidig Christ, it was all on my tail. I was just big enough to swallow up the balls. Then your done. What sent me into ecstasy wild and pumped me hard in the gonzoxxxmovies open mouth - licking my balls with her tongue. Nothing would I shoot my load heavy sticky. I felt my juices rising. 'Open, open, ' he said. He knew what to do, he leaned his head back, put the clampue, and with a deft move some of my dolls, I started shooting in the mouth. I could see that he entered, and loved it. I was in complete command exhilerated I never felt now. The sensation of the hot juice is pumped into the mouth of the signal to let him go. That hit the tail, so that his hand was almost a gonzoxxxmovies blur, and then it could be an involuntary guttural groan as he made ​​his career CCCK sperm spat. There are half a dozen spines cum sprayed on the carpet, while pumping and slowly sat back and fell, dropping his head with the disappearance hairless tail rested between her legs. I feel completely relaxed and comfortable. 'That was brilliant,' he said and I agreed. 'You go now and let me enjoy the moment' So with that I put on my gonzoxxxmovies pants and left. The last image of him was in the living room carpet installation in all its erotic response with large strips of milk on the carpet range. I had to tell a story - yourI s! We meet again.....
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